About us

Its key players are Mr Khalid Mahmood Siraj Din, the C.E.O of the company where as on other hand its Ahmed Umair Khalid, Managing Director of the company.


What we do

100% Guarantee

Kleider.int is a manufacturing company that will promote its own brand “Kleider” , which will deal in manufacturing of jeans, T-shirts & Hoodies. Along with martial arts uniform, caps and gloves. Kleider will also provide the services of manufacturing footballs, rugby balls and boxing accessories.

Commitment - Loyalty - Quality

The Company “Kleider Internationals believes in Commitment, Loyalty and providing quality services to our company. We highly believe that nothing is complete without commitment and loyalty, and it will be our promise to our clients that we will move ahead along with their needs.

Kleider Internationals believe in promoting new styles, trends and design in clothing, in which our customer will be able to customize their own designs which they dream for, along with that our company’s innovative creation mind will also our clients to manufacture a desired output.